I'm a photographer.  Its really that simple.  I enjoy all types of photography, and have been taking photos since I received my first Brownie camera sixty years ago.  I've shot a wide variety of subject matter, but what I love most is nature photography, which is both meditative and therapeutic for me.  Nature is the ultimate artist, and my challenge is to capture a few of her masterpieces.  Once in a while, I think I succeed.  More often, I capture her more common works, and they give me every bit as much pleasure as the masterpieces.  

I am also available, on a very limited basis, to shoot portraits.  Families, individuals, children, adults, I would be interested in working with anyone who would like to work with me to create unique images that incorporate out of the mainstream settings, poses and lighting as a shared project.  If there is a location, an idea, a concept that you would like to try for a photo shoot, and you live in Central Ohio, lets get together and discuss it.  For now, I will not be charging for the shoot, and will provide one free 8X10 print.  If you like the results, my pricing for additional prints will be very competitive.  I hope to eventually turn this idea into a small, somewhat exclusive business, so if you're interested, lets see what we can do together.  By the way, I do have a degree in Commercial Photography, and though it has been over forty years since I graduated, portraiture was my primary interest at the time, so I do have some confidence in offering this.